4th of July

This year’s Independence Day was great!  (The only thing missing was Tobi, who’s in NYC and got to see some great fireworks there!)  Mom set up a beautiful table display for dinner (above).

My cousin Liz came over, and Jon and Jaimie were there.  We went to the pool in the afternoon, had some sandwiches for lunch and watched a lot of TV before dinner – barbecue ribs, corn on the cob, Texas potatoes, watermelon, and mini apple or cherry pies.  YUM!

Then we went to Allen’s Pond in Bowie to see the fireworks.  I always forget the extent of the traffic after such an event, but it’s worth it.  And this was Jaimie’s first time in 10 years since she’s seen the fireworks on the 4th of July!  She always had to work but this year didn’t have to.

They were selling light-up toys and I got this cool picture on accident – only the lights showed as they walked past!  Very cool!

I love watching the fireworks, but it’s almost more fun watching people watch the fireworks!  Check out Jon and Jaimie!  So cute!


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