My brother and sister-in-law

Don’t they just look so great?  Jaimie was a really beautiful bride – she was so radiant!  And my brother…all dressed up in a tux!

I always cry at weddings, but this one really did me in.  Tears of true joy, though.  These two are so perfect for each other and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Below are my two favorite pictures of interactions with the bride and groom on their wedding day:

Dancing/making faces in the limo with all the bridesmaids on the way to the church.

Pictures with my family after the ceremony.  Not sure anymore what we were talking about at that moment, but everyone looks so happy!

Baby face!

Another great thing that I was able to experience while at home was attending a sonogram.

Jon and Jaimie are expecting a little girl in November!

That’s right!  I’m going to be an aunt!!!*  I’ve been sitting on this news for quite a while now and couldn’t wait to share with you guys!  Waiting for the right moment…and being sure that it’s a girl!

*When I say aunt, it’s pronounced “ant”, the way I grew up with it.  Ant Sarah.

Here’s a sneak peek at my future niece at 21 weeks:

The sonogram experience was so cool – they had a screen for the technician but then a big picture projected on the wall of the whole process so that the mom & dad could see.  My mom and I went with them and got to see quite a wiggly little baby in there!  Jaimie said she couldn’t feel the baby yet at that point, but her back was giving her problems.

Oh, but it was so amazing – one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life!  Her little arm moving across her face, jumping around in there – SO CUTE.  It made me cry and has brought tears to my eyes again while writing this because it’s just so special!

So, on both counts, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Jon and Jaimie!

And last but not least, I will share with you the song that’s been in my head (and Tobi’s) for about a year now:

This is the original version from 1926.

This Tom Jones version is pretty snazzy:

and the Muppets Version!



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