Boysenberries and a free afternoon

I finished work at 12 today.  (That almost never happens!  I always have evening classes!)

So earlier this evening, I went out for a walk – the typical route down to the Altonaer Balkon to sit on a bench and read my book.  Tobias and I had walked there the other evening (before he left for Paris) and saw that there were boysenberries along the path.  So this time I took a little tupperware container with me and picked a few to take home!

We had a HUGE boysenberry bush at my house when I was growing up.  And at Grandma’s house, too.  So we spent many a summer waiting until these tart little berries were ripe so we could pick them.  They weren’t the tastiest treat, but as a child, I was really fascinated with things you could just PICK OFF A VINE in nature and just eat!  Just like the Oregon Trail, except no one every died of dysentery from it.  (I did get in big trouble once when I managed to get the red berry juice all over my hands and clothes right before we were to leave somewhere…)

As an adult, I still get pretty excited about that kind of thing.  I love our fresh herbs on the balcony.  I’ve been putting sage in my tea to help calm my sore throat.  And when Tobias and I were camping in Italy, we ended up in one spot where it smelled like mint – and that’s because there was fresh mint underfoot all around us!  We made some fresh mint tea from that.

Anybody else love that too?

I think I’ll go have a bowl of ice cream – and add my little boysenberries on top.


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