C is for Clafoutis

I came across this recipe for clafoutis and thought, “Oh!  What a good idea!”  Cherries are in season at the moment and all of the little fruit stands around Hamburg (there is a surprising number of these, actually) are selling bing cherries.

Side note: Bing!  I’ve been re-watching Friends for the past few weeks…and I can’t help but think of  Chandler every time I hear bing cherries.  That and Bing Crosby.  What a silly name, I thought, but apparently it was just a nickname.  Bing Crosby is really Harry Lillis Crosby.  Betcha’ didn’t know that!

So anyway, back to that recipe – Tartelette just has the most beautiful pictures and delicious recipes!  And I’ve made clafoutis twice before and love it.

The thing is, I’m allergic to most fruit, and I discovered last summer (or was it two summers ago?) that cherries are included in that group.  However, there’s a plus side to that: I can eat these fruits if they’re cooked.  So this clafoutis will give me a nice cherry kick.

But crap.  I wasn’t thinking and licked the juice off my finger while cutting the cherries, resulting in a slightly swollen, burning top lip.  Yep.  Definitely allergic.

Serves me right, I guess.  “That’s finger-lickin’ good!” refers to the eating part, not the cooking part.  Last time I checked, it’s generally viewed as unsanitary to lick anything while cooking.

But come on, I know you do it too.  Unless you work in a restaurant, in which case you probably don’t do that.  Right?  Right?

Okay, so for the recipe, I made just a few modifications based on what I already had and what I could find here in Germany.  My recipe isn’t gluten-free, since I used regular flour.  And I wasn’t sure on the exact translation of “heavy cream” so I figured Schlagsahne would do the trick.  And it looks like it did!  I just took it out of the oven.


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