There’s this shoe company here in Europe called Zalando.  It’s actually not only for shoes, but also for fashion (check out the UK site in English), but they do most of their advertising focus on shoes.

It’s kind of like Zappos in the States in the fact that they do free shipping both ways (in case you want to return the items) and it has a long return policy of 100 days (though Zappos has 365!).

One of their new commercials just came out and had me laughing just as hard as their previous ones.  They’re really quite amusing!  The motto is “Schrei vor Glück” – scream for joy – and they incorporate that into each of their ads.

The first one is a group of hippies:

The second one is at a nudist camp:

(the big guy with the whistle tells the mailman that HE has to undress, lol)

And the third one is…um…during a bank robbery:

Of course, the timing of the new ad, what with the recent riots in London and in other places, is drawing it a bit of controversy.  Bank robbery is obviously not funny at all in real life.  But advertising pushes the boundaries all the time.  And since when was advertising supposed to be exactly like real life?

So, keeping that in mind, at least in the commercial the bad guys are caught because of the unexpected excitement of the women in the ad.  LOL.

What commercials have made you smile recently?  Have there been any controversial ones where you live?

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