Oma’s 100th Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we went down to Fellbach, a town near Stuttgart in the south of Germany, to celebrate Oma’s birthday.  They had a big party with a lot of her friends and relatives and it took place in a wine cellar near a bunch of vineyards.

Here are some pics Tobi took of the party (with his awesome camera…)

That’s Tobi’s Onkel Siegfried in the middle.  Their brass band played a little concert for Oma and the guests.

Tobi took this picture of me.  I’m pretty sure I had food in my mouth, hence the awkward smile.

Oma rode off to her nap in style, here in Martin’s blue convertible!

Tobias chatting with another guest.

I helped make these beautiful centerpieces the afternoon before the party.

This was the day before, after getting her hair done at the salon.  Isn’t she just the sweetest?  She really enjoyed her party.  You’d think that for a woman of 100 years, she wouldn’t really be all that into partying.  But she was sociable and smiling the whole time.  We took a break between lunch and coffee & cakes so she could take a nap (so sweet!) and that gave her strength to continue on with the party.  At the end, after most guests had left, she was looking through a book of old pictures and telling us all about who the people were.  …She still has a great memory!  And she even went to thank the caterers after the party!

It was a really nice time in Fellbach with Tobi’s family.  It’s the first time I’ve seen them all together (though we were missing one of his sisters, still).  We talked a lot, hung out, ate great food and played card games.  We played with Tobi’s nieces (Clara, 2, and Frida, 3 months – both so adorable!) and with Liv, who is 4 (almost 5, I think) and her little baby brother Lennart, 5 months).  It sure was fun to be around all those kids!

It was also quite special for me to experience hanging out with Tobi’s extended family.  I really felt accepted as part of the family, and Onkel Siegfried and Tante Erika were especially nice and supportive.  It was a great weekend!

P.S.  And just look at how handsome Tobi is, all dressed up!!  I *might* just have to submit this to become the next cover of GQ!

2 thoughts on “Oma’s 100th Birthday Party

  1. Sarah, these kinds of events are among my bestest memories of times I’ve spent in Europe. to be cherished, and I can tell you’re cherishing

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