Just where exactly are we supposed to drive?

I worked out in the ‘burbs yesterday evening, just on a cover class for another coworker.  I rode there with Steve, another teacher who has a class at the same company.  After we got off the bus and started walking to the address of our class, I remarked, “Wow, we really are in the suburbs!  They’ve even got a Burger King with a drive-thru!”

But, as Steve pointed out, the Germans call it something different: a drive in!  Would you look at that!?

Now the question is, do they mean this….?


Neither, of course.  Especially not that last part.  But this really cracked me up!  It’s kind of like when they change the titles of American movies to yet another English phrase that the populace is more familiar with.  (Example: the French title of Date Night is Crazy Night, and the Korean title is Broken Date.)  Well, English is such an international language, so a large number of people know at least a few words in English, so why not keep the COOL English feel to the title and just change it to words people understand? (– and  can pronounce, for that matter – “thru” often ends up sounding like “sroo” in both French and German!)  But if they change the phrase, they should first check the meaning of the new phrase, shouldn’t they?

Top photo mine; bottom photos, click for source


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