House cats

Twice a week, I work over by Hoheluftbrücke. There used to be an extremely old mural of a seamstress, I think, on one of the buildings near the U-Bahn (metro). I always wanted to take a picture of it and never did. Just recently, they painted over it and left room for a big billboard. What a pity! It’s a shame to see vintage things painted over, especially for advertising purposes.

So the other day I decided to take a picture of the other mural nearby the old one, just in case they change it one day. This one has two HUGE cats and the Hamburg skyline behind them from the window, with sailboats on the Alster lake.

I love old stuff like this. It really gives the city character.  What about you?  Do you have any vintage murals, signs or something else that makes your city unique?


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