Ladurée and le bébé

I’m still reeling with excitement about my gorgeous little niece!  I’ve watched this video 100 times already.  Isn’t she so precious?!  The voice (and the hand) on the video is Naomi, a good friend of Jaimie’s.  It’s taken a while for Jaimie to recover from the c-section and she still hadn’t been able to hold the baby or even see her yet, last time I talked to them.  I so hope she got to see her baby today!  That must be hard, giving birth and then not being able to see your baby, while everyone else gets to!

Speaking of sweet things…

And this was a few weeks ago now, but remember how I mentioned that Tobi often brings back little gifts for me when he travels?  On his most recent trip to Paris, he brought me back some Ladurée macarons!  They were simply divine, as always! (Thanks again, Tobias!)


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