Of course I knew it was only a matter of time…but I’m still disappointed that someone graffitied our house last night.

It lasted about a month of fresh paint.  Honestly I’m surprised it was that long.  But if there’s going to be graffiti, why can’t we get something artistic?  You know, something that someone thought through a little more.  Like Bansky or something a little more interesting or perhaps even politically poignant.  I like graffiti as an art form, but for me, tagging is only for recognition and the idea of doing something bad.  Like, look!  Here’s my name or my “brand”!  But really, the best way to get recognition is by doing something interesting, new and creative.  I just wish more people would do that around here.  Like the entire wall of smiley faces that I see every day on the bus, which is at least bright and cheerful and never fails to make me smile.

All I can say is 1) too bad it’s a stupid tag, but 2) at least they used a shiny silver paint!

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