Skype date with Abigail

I’m so happy I got to talk to Jon and Jaimie on Skype last night!

It’s so funny seeing them sitting there with such a tiny baby!  She kept making all of these adorable noises…  Aww.

I love that cute little baby face!  She has the funniest expressions…

And then she slept for most of the call, as newborns tend to do.  She looked very cozy and peaceful.

LOVE being an aunt.  Life is good!


3 thoughts on “Skype date with Abigail

  1. Sarah, This is Vickie. Thinking about you and meaning to get in touch with you seems like a lot of excitement going on! I love hearing about the exciting new family additions and all your travels. I am still trying to get a degree in something! I feel like I’ll never get done with school! In the home stretch though.
    Congratulations to the Gilmour family! I was thinking the same thing about the hair. Soo cute! I have a new cousin coming soon — Brittany, my aunt Lori’s daughter is expecting her first so I am definitely having baby fever now. Don’t know whether she’s having a girl or boy yet. Keep us updated on Abigail, so sweet and precious. Hope you get a chance to see and hold her soon. Been thinking about you lots and glad to hear that you and family are well. Good luck staying warm this winter, your robe is super cute and looks comfy.

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