A mild fall so far

Apart from the very windy week we had a few weeks ago, we’ve had some really mild weather here in Hamburg.  Foggy mornings, gray days, with a sunny one here and there, and the beautiful colors of changing leaves has made for quite an enjoyable autumn.  But the best part is, it’s been pretty warm, all things considered, and this week looks like it’ll be in the mid-to-high 50s.  This picture, taken this morning from one of my classrooms, shows what nice views I’ve been seeing these past few weeks.

It’s perfect.  Just enough to wear a sweater and maybe a light coat, but without the need for layer upon layer of clothing.  It’s been lovely.

AND it’s just cold enough that we’ve enjoyed various soups over the past few days.  Today was the best, though.  In honor of Halloween, Tobias made a pumpkin soup and garnished it with some sour cream and some delicious Nordseekrabben – a tiny shrimp from the North Sea.  Yum!

The yellow ring on the white bowl with orange soup makes me think of candy corn!

Here is his recipe:

1 hokkaido pumpkin (or small pumpkin)
2 onions
salt & pepper to taste
a few rosemary sprigs
approx. 2 liters water

The first trick he did was to put the onions and the pumpkin slices in first and add some sugar, allowing it to caramelize.  Then he added the water and let it simmer for several minutes to allow the flavors to mesh together.  And then he used a hand blender to get it to that nice, silky smooth consistency that it had.  Top with sour cream (we used something called Schmand, which is a very thick sour cream) and a few mini shrimps and you’re good to go!


Did any of you do anything Halloweeny this weekend?  Or tonight?  I didn’t have an occasion to dress up this year, but I have enjoyed seeing pictures of friends (and their kids!) dressed up in their various Halloween costumes.

Here’s a blast from the past, though!  Maybe I’ve shared this photo before, but I think it’s really cute!

From left to right:  Jon, my cousin Elizabeth, our friend Michael, and me!  And yes, that IS a beaver carved into my pumpkin.  It was my favorite animal back then (oh, it was a simpler time…before that word had other meanings) and I was just obsessed.  Can’t really tell what Jon’s pumpkin is.  Michael’s was a house and it was really well-done.  He was always so artistic, that Michael.


3 thoughts on “A mild fall so far

  1. Speaking of beavers… I was driving home from work today and there was a beaver sitting on the shoulder, eating. Just chilling out. Didn’t even flinch when a car drove by. I’ve seen him there a few times. :)

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