I can’t help it.  And Tobias is totally going to roll his eyes at this entry, but…

I am very excited about Christmas!!! Usually I complain about it coming too early, but for some reason, this year is different.

Tobias keeps trying to reign in my enthusiasm about the Christmas tree at least. I won’t really put up the tree until after Thanksgiving anyway, but I keep joking about getting one early. (Though I should really just be thankful my awesome German boyfriend lets me put up the tree that early, as most Germans don’t do it before the 23rd at the earliest!)

I am eagerly awaiting the day when we get our Christmas tree and I can listen to Christmas music without feeling…guilty. It’s only November 4th but today I caved and listened to a song or two. In my defense, however, they were new (to me) songs – I listened to all the previews of Relient K’s holiday album on Amazon and later stumbled upon MIKA’s version of “Let it Snow” on YouTube.

And I just heard about a new Christmas album that includes classic holiday songs sung by Mika, Jaimie Cullum, Carla Bruni, Coeur de Pirate, and more! It’s called Christmas, Christmas, Christmas (by Michel Legrand) and will be released on November 21, 2011. Can’t wait!

Music aside, I am most looking forward to decorating the tree, going to Christmas markets, drinking Glühwein and making more Christmas crafts. And of course having that warm, cozy feeling that the holidays bring to the cold wintery weather.

Most of all, I am delighted to be spending Christmas with my family this year. In fact, I get two Christmases – Tobi and I will celebrate our own Christmas together on the 20th before I leave. It truly is a blessing to be able to spend the holidays with the people you love.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am working on a surprise Christmas project which will be revealed on December 1st.

Have any of you started shopping yet? (I technically started Christmas shopping in June this year! I’ve found a few small things but I am far from finished!)

Picture Source: Photo by Providence Handmade on flickr.com via Sarah on Pinterest


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