First Frost

Early this Sunday morning, on our way to church, we saw the first frost of winter, which I think is one of the most beautiful things in nature. Probably because it glitters when the sun shines on the frosty ice crystals.  (And you know I love me some sparkles!)

Last year’s first snow was around November 25th. So it seems things are right on schedule this year, if not a little warmer than last year.

I use that term “warmer” very lightly, because it really has gotten COLD here, with temperatures reaching into the negative (Celsius) degrees. (Cold enough to have frost, duh!)

But this is an exciting time, because the colder weather just ushers in the holiday season, and that’s something to look forward to every year. Even if it means cold toes and having to wear 2-3 more layers than usual. They’ve started setting up the Christmas markets, which officially open just one week from today, on November 21! (Coincidentally, the same date that Michel Legrand’s Christmas album comes out!) There are 17 different Christmas markets in Hamburg this year, and can’t wait to go visit all of them!



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