Grünkohl and a Christmas tree

This past Sunday evening, our typical Sunday gang got together for our typical Tatort viewing dinner party. (Tatort is a CSI-type show.) But this week was special, because we had the traditional German wintertime meal of Grünkohl, potatoes and MEAT and it was really a special occasion.

Grünkohl, a definite comfort food, (English: kale) is often eaten with a special sausage called Pinkel and with some sort of pork. And one of our friends brought in two ducks from the countryside, and although they are not traditionally part of this particular meal, I enjoyed them far more than the sausage and pork. We also had  two different types of potatoes – both baked, but one salty version (normal!) and one sweet version! Baby potatoes with sugar are surprisingly good…I definitely wasn’t sure what to expect on that one.

I didn’t take any pictures of our particular meal, but here is one from Wikipedia just to give you an idea of what it looks like. Wiki gives some more history and background on this special feast as well, so if you’re interested, check it out here.

It was a nice meal and very delicious, and even necessitated the use of a longer table than usual, since we had a few extra guests. It was a lot of fun, very filling and the atmosphere of it all – lots of people, big meal, stuffed to the gills – reminded me of Thanksgiving.

Christmas tree?

On the Christmas tree front, no…no real tree in the apartment yet! But on Sunday before the Grünkohl party, Tobi surprised me with an LED Christmas tree for my bike! The wires to my lights had come loose anyway and so Tobi went down to fix my bike and it took him a lot longer than I thought it would, but I didn’t really think anything of it. Although I did think it was a tiny bit strange when he suddenly needed more wire halfway through. But then when we went downstairs, he went down before me and brought my bike out of the backyard for me – I was surprised to find this little tree on atop my handlebars! I couldn’t stop laughing, it was such a funny, sweet and thoughtful thing! He knows I’ve been excited about Christmas and getting a tree, and so not only did he get me one (early! he likes to add), but he also converted it from a USB cord into a wire that extends to my regular bike light, so when I pedal, it lights up red like this:

Amazing, right? My guy is kind of a handyman, apparently! I had no idea he knew how to rewire things.

It’s totally a cheesy gesture, and a very kitschy little tree, but I love Tobias all the more for it. He’s a really special guy and I am so lucky to have him. Made my day! Now all I’ve gotta do is find more excuses to ride my bike at night!


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