Prints Charming

I’ve been looking around etsy and have found some really great prints I would consider buying to put up in our apartment.

My top favorite is this one by Lisa Congdon, called Sami Woman:

Next up are these adorable Cat King and Dog King prints from popcapopca. I love the look of paintings over top of words, and these are from dictionaries, so it’s even more my style!

From the same artist, I also really love the Beethoven in headphones print! It’s so funny and it would be perfect for music-lovers.

Next up – this awesome Maryland cities print from B&A Prints. Ever since moving to Germany, I’ve felt a lot more patriotic about my home state. This would be something nice to remind me where I came from (even though it doesn’t look like they’ve got Upper Marlboro on there…but they do have Marlton, which is right next door). For those of you from other states, they’ve got ’em all!

For a more modern feel, I really like this geometric mountain painting on canvas by Acquired Design.

For the kitchen, a set of these chevron utensils by Textured INK would be so cute and charming! The colors wouldn’t exactly be the best match for our kitchen though, but maybe it will for yours!

This anchor on an old map print is pretty neat, too! Especially for a port town like Hamburg with a rich history of sailors and shipping. By PRRINT.

And last but not least, this quirky little owl made me giggle! This is the work of Catherine Campbell. You should definitely check out her other stuff – it’s stunning!

Do any of you have any favorite etsy artists? Or are you also thinking of picking up some new art for your place? I love etsy and the idea of supporting these freelance artists. If I had unlimited money, I would definitely do a lot more shopping there! But perhaps one of these prints just might be my next purchase.

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