Buying the Christmas tree

We got tons of weird looks from people, buying and bringing home a Christmas tree so “early”, but we found the perfect tree to take home with us on Saturday morning. We had to drive to a few different places but ended up at a big Max Bahr (which is like Home Depot) and they had a huge selection of trees. So we did some looking around, narrowed it down to two trees, and then made our final choice.

xmas treeOur final two choices. We took the one on the left!

Once we’d picked our tree, we wrapped it up and headed back home.

Tobi carried it over his shoulder while riding his bike again, just like last year, but since we had to ride out further to get to this big Max Bahr, we took the S-Bahn home.

It’s fun being such an anomaly here. Everyone’s always so surprised. It just shows there are certain things that really are simply a matter of habit and tradition. I can’t imagine not having my tree during the whole Christmas season just as much as my German friends and students can’t imagine having it up so early. After a certain point, though, it does get annoying because you hear the same comment every time – will it live until Christmas? Of course it will. Plenty of other Americans have been doing this for ages, and I’ve never heard of someone’s tree dying before Christmas. (Although technically it’s already dead, isn’t it?)

However, for those who have seen our tree so far, we’ve gotten tons of compliments on how beautiful it is. And it is! It looks great and I am so happy it’s Christmastime again! And you know what? I think some people are secretly jealous.

Pictures of our decorated tree coming up next!

When do you usually put up your tree? My family always did it the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I’m sticking to that tradition. And do you have a fake one or do you prefer real trees? We always had a fake one, but I think I rather like having a real tree. Ours smells really good this year!


4 thoughts on “Buying the Christmas tree

  1. Hey Sarah,
    It’s Vickie Flores! I’m so jealous. I found out last Christmas that I am allergic to pine so my mom had to get a fake one and she complains about it all the time! I really do prefer a real one. Are you allergic to Christmas trees?

    • Hi Vickie! Nice to hear from you! Oh that’s awful about being allergic to pine! I’m allergic to quite a few trees, but apparently not pine, as I haven’t noticed any problems with our Christmas trees. Bummer!

  2. Heard from a German friend (with an American boyfriend) who put up her tree yesterday (to mark the start of Advent): “Christmas is a season, not a day!”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂 No matter how long I’m in Germany, I have a feeling that I will always be putting my tree up earlier than anyone else!

    • Totally! Well said!

      I think I will always do that too. And I came up with a relatively good response to the “Doesn’t it die before Christmas?” question – ask them if they have an Adventskranz! They usually do, and I ask them if that also dies before Christmas, which of course it doesn’t. Ha! In that case, the tree has even better chances because it’s at least watered!

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