Christmas Tree 2011

On Sunday after church, we went back home, had some Thanksgiving leftovers and then pulled out everything we needed to decorate the tree. I popped in a new Christmas CD and we finally started decorating! The first of my favorite Christmas traditions. And I must say our tree looks even better than last year’s! We have a few more ornaments this time around.

It was fun making the cranberry and popcorn garland together again. I think it may become a yearly thing! Here are some of my favorite little detail shots:

Last year after Christmas I bought the big red and green Christmas bulbs for like 70% off and I’m so glad to use them this year! I think they really pull the look together, and the shiny ones reflect the Christmas lights too. Love it!

They also make me look really weird in the reflection! LOL! Just look at how long my nose is!

I made this based on something cute I saw on Pinterest. (Originally by Everyday Chaos here, except my baby Jesus is facing the other way!)

Can’t you just smell the cinnamon and pine scent? HEAVENLY.

This one is a family joke. We were obsessed with the Nanerpuss commercial from Denny’s a while ago, and my aunt found this awesome ornament for everyone!

A little owl is peeking out from behind the branches! And that silver deer is so sparkly and awesome! There’s another one lower down on the other side of the tree.

Here’s one of my little pinecone elves sitting up near the top of the tree!

The oranges we baked are still good from last year. And I bought myself and Tobi some of these cheesy little snow globe name ornaments.

The mini toilet paper roll lanterns I made a while back look even nicer slipped over top of the Christmas lights. (Hopefully they won’t catch on fire…)

For dinner on Sunday evening, we lit up the candles and it was extra merry and bright!


One thought on “Christmas Tree 2011

  1. It looks really beautiful, Sarah! I love all of your handmade ornaments. The only thing missing now on your tree is the Christmas slug! 😀

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