First Christmas Market

Two weeks ago, on a Friday after classes were over, a friend/co-worker of mine and I went to the one of the Christmas markets over by the Alster. It was my first time having Glühwein this year – yum! But we hadn’t eaten anything before-hand so of course it made me a little tipsy after only just one drink.

So after our first Glühwein and some girl talk, we got something to eat. I decided on a delicious-looking warm goat cheese sandwich which was, in fact, just as good as it looked. However, I had a little fight with the lady there at the stand.  She was really mean to me when I tried to pay with a 5€ bill that was ripped. She looked at me and just said, “Ich nehme sowas nicht.” Basically, “I won’t take that.”

I normally wouldn’t have said anything, but because the Glühwein gave me the little boost of bravery needed, I said (in German, mind you,) “Why not? That’s also money!” She repeated her first statement, but more rudely than before, and I replied, “Das ist Scheiße. Entschuldigung, aber das ist wirklich Scheiße.” But because I was hungry, I paid with another bill, and then she was bitchy to me about getting me my change, too. It was a really strange interaction, and that bothered me quite a bit. Normally something like that would ruin my evening.

But Jessica helped me get over it and soon we were laughing about the situation, and I was really proud of myself for having stood up to someone, even if it didn’t really make a difference. Then Jessica got this interesting bread thing to eat – it tasted a little bit like a mix between a pretzel and a bagel, and they gave her sour cream to dip it in. The best part though is the bizarre shape it’s in!

After we had finished our snacks, we headed over to the biggest Christmas market in Hamburg – the one in front of the town hall. There was an honest-to-God real Santa Claus in a sleigh that goes back and forth across the sky every hour or so. We both laughed a lot when we figured out it was a real person! And then we walked through the market a bit, or tried to…it was WAY too crowded to stay there for too long. So we squeezed our way out of the crowd and went to yet another market down near the central station for one more drink before Jessica headed back to Lüneburg.

Here are a few more photos from that evening. It was a lot of fun, and the perfect way to spend a Friday early evening!


2 thoughts on “First Christmas Market

  1. I was at that market then, too! It was so pretty. A friend of mine had a similar experience, though. She was reaching for a straw, I think, and the lady at the counter actually slapped her hand, and yelled, NEIN! FRAGE! I wonder if it was the same woman?! ;)

    • Haha, no way! That’s awful. Germans certainly do tend to be more direct than Americans. Although I could picture a crotchety old lady doing that kind of thing in America, too, but most people wouldn’t dare.

      I just saw your pictures on your blog – so crazy we were there on the same day! :) Small world, isn’t it?

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