First Snow(s)

Monday morning I was teaching at a company and I had paired up the students for partner work. There was an odd number of people, so I partnered up with one of the students. After finishing our task, we got to talking my partner and I were saying how there hasn’t been any snow yet this year, and that this time last year we had snow.

And wouldn’t you know it, 5 minutes later, I was back up at the front of the class teaching again and looked out the window and I exclaimed, “IT’S SNOWING!” And for the next 10 minutes or so, it continued to do so in big, puffy flakes. It was just lovely and, I must admit, a teensy bit distracting during class.

It snowed again as I was walking back to the metro, so when I got there I took a picture and a little video as evidence. Turns out Tobi also took a video for me from our window in case I didn’t see the snow.

So let it be recorded for this year: our first snow in Hamburg was on Monday morning, December 5.

Our second snow came not too much later. We had some more last night, as well as this morning. Luckily, it didn’t stick to the ground. I mean, I do appreciate a lot of snow every once in a while, but I don’t like the day after when everything gets muddy and gross. So as far as I’m concerned, our first snow was the best of both worlds: seeing the snow fall and having it not stick to the ground.

Any signs of the fluffy white stuff where you live yet?


4 thoughts on “First Snow(s)

  1. It’s raining cats and dogs here – lots of flooding. It’s a mess. However, the temperature is supposed to drop and they are saying it will turn to snow. It’s too warm to stick, at least here. But they are predicting up to 7-8 inches up in the higher elevations of Maryland. If we had had snow today, with the amount of rain that came down, it would have been MASSIVE. Wonder if that’s what we should expect for this coming winter season…

    • Strange how sometimes our weather lines up with yours. It rained here a lot yesterday, too. So far the winter has been milder this year than last year. Makes me wonder if it will continue or if it will sneak up on us with a surprise 10 feet of snow or something! I just hope snow doesn’t affect my flight home to visit you guys!

    • Why of course! So you heard the thunderclap too! I saw a big flash of lightning, then heard the thunder…but thought I was going crazy because instead of thunderstorming, it snowed big white fluffy flakes! I was skyping with my sister-in-law at the time and was absolutely delighted that it was snowing again. :)

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