Early Christmas presents and a baptism

Whew! This weekend flew by so fast, and I fell a little bit behind on posting. So before everything becomes just a blur, here comes a big update!


Tobias and I wrapped presents in the morning because my usual morning classes had been canceled that week. Then I had one class in the afternoon and came back to get cleaned up before our company Christmas party later that evening. The party was at the same place as last year (an Italian restaurant right next to the school that has really good food!) but this year it was so much more fun because I knew more people this time around. I even met a few new people and it was a really great time. The last bunch of us left quite late…and I didn’t get back home and in bed until 3:30!


We woke up early the next day to catch a train to Bielefeld for Tobi’s niece’s baptism. Our train got delayed at our stopover in Hannover thanks to a bunch of horses that had gotten loose and apparently were blocking the tracks. So they closed the entire route and had to reroute the trains (and passengers). So we ended up on another train where we all got free drinks for the trouble, and we sat next to some funny girls who were nice enough to share some cookies with us.

The dining car of the train we rode looked very 1950’s somehow!

After a delay of almost 2 hours, we finally got to Bielefeld and met up with Tobi’s family and spent the afternoon eating and relaxing. I gave them my Christmas presents early, which was especially fun because they appreciated my lovely wrapping job! In the evening, we drove over to his cousin’s house for a birthday party which was a lot of fun, even though I went to bed early (at 11:30) because I was so tired from the night before!


The next morning, we all met at the church where Achim and Anna were married and where their first daughter, Clara, was baptized. It was cute because 2-year-old Clara was saying that her sister Frida was here for the “Tauche”, which means “diving” and is really close to “Taufe”, the word for baptism. So Frida (gosh, I keep typing Friday, hah) was baptized and it was a really nice service. Afterward, we headed to a reception hall for a delicious lunch with everyone.

It was really a lot to process, and the most German I’ve had in a while, so it was a somewhat tiring weekend, but it was nevertheless really nice to see Tobi’s family. Especially since I won’t be celebrating Christmas with them there this year.


So now we’re back. We got in late last night so I could work early this morning. This is my last week of classes before Christmas break! Can’t believe how quickly time flies…

Happy Monday to you all!


2 thoughts on “Early Christmas presents and a baptism

  1. Wow! No wonder I didn’t see you online all weekend! Sounds fun though : )

    And whenever I type an email to my friend, Doug, I inevitably type “dough.” It’s pretty frustrating, lol.

    • Yeah man! I miss you! We’ve got to catch up! Hah that’s funny about Dough.There are other words that I frequently mess up on too, but I can’t remember what they are at the moment.

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