Party hardy


This is the bouquet I brought home for the birthday boy. I was surprised to find ranunculus and tulips at the flower shop – it’s not exactly the season for those. But ranunculus is one of Tobi’s favorites (mine too, actually) and so I picked up a bunch and these pretty berries to go with it. Makes quite the nice combination!

When I gave Tobi his present, I took a video of it. I just watched it again now – the look on his face is so priceless! So shocked – and then he said, “Honey, are you craaaaay-zee? Is that the real thing?” Me: “Yes it is. I hope you like it.” Him: “Is that the real thing?” So great. Videos are so great to look back on. I really should do it more often.


The birthday party last night was a huge success. I got there an hour after it started (after getting off work) and the house was FILLED with people! I was impressed, since usually people show up much later to parties. It was kind of a special thing, walking into my own apartment after work and seeing it so transformed into a party space. Everything looked wonderful – candles everywhere, twinkle lights in the kitchen, and the scent of Glühwein. They’d even lit the candles on the Christmas tree, and Christmas music was playing in the background. Tobias did a great job of making everything look nice, and, true to form, he was the life of the party.

It was fun seeing pretty much all of the people I know at the party. The cakes and sweets everyone brought were delicious, and Tobias did a great job with the Glühwein and the non-alcoholic apple cider.

Things finished around 12:30. Not too late, but it was sure nice to sleep in the next day!


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