We’re engaged!!!!

Tobias proposed to me by the Christmas tree while opening Christmas presents together on the 20th!

He gave me a giant crossword puzzle book and inside he slipped in his own puzzle, filled with questions about me or various things from our relationship, and certain letters were circled that spelled out the phrase, “Willst du mich heiraten?”

Of course I said yes. And then he pulled out the most beautiful ring.




It’s so perfect and I really love it! Didn’t he do a fantastic job?! It’s a marquise-shaped sapphire with 12 diamonds around it. Great job, boy!

The best part is, he got the whole thing on video! You can see the ring box sitting behind him the whole time as I was solving the puzzle. At first when I saw the crossword, I thought, “Oh my gosh, maybe he’s asking me to marry him!” But the letters didn’t match up. But that’s because it was in German, not English! Hah!

So after that, went out to eat and had a delicious four-course meal at a nice little restaurant. I had stars in my eyes the entire time.


We wanted to tell our families first before I announced it here. I surprised my family with it at the airport, and we told his family on the phone today for a special Christmas surprise. (The 24th is the main event over there in Germany.) Everyone is really excited, but we are especially excited, of course.


I don’t have any really great pictures from that night (we were too excited talking about wedding ideas!), so here’s one from our visit to DC yesterday.



6 thoughts on “We’re engaged!!!!

    • Thanks Mandi! Yeah, it was fun surprising my parents at the airport. They were so excited! Of course, my sister-in-law noticed the shiny ring on my finger as soon as I walked out of the door! Haha!

  1. Sarah, I’m just getting around to catching up reading your posts from the last few months. I knew you were engaged, but didn’t know the story. What fun! I’m partial to the marquise cut as well. It still gives me a frisson of excitement when I really look at it.

    • Cool! That’s sweet of you to read my blog! :) I didn’t know you had a marquise cut ring – isn’t it lovely? It’s really hard to stop staring at my ring, especially when it picks up the sunlight and is über-sparkly! :)

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