A rainbow of floss

My mom got me a bunch of craft supplies for Christmas, including this packet of 150 skeins of embroidery floss!


I can’t wait to do some projects with them! I wasn’t exactly sure what to make (although I could always do old-fashioned embroidery, of course!) but Pinterest came to the rescue.

Here are a few things I may try sooner or later:

  1. Friendship bracelets! A basic pattern is something I could do from memory, from all those years ago when I was 11 or 12. But this tutorial jogged my memory on how to make a chevron pattern. Then there’s also a more modern interpretation which is really popular at the moment – friendship bracelet chains. I’d like to try that on a smaller scale.
  2. Wrap around sticks. I have a “bouquet” of sticks in an old olive can that could use some sprucing up, just like this rainbow wrapped wreath seen via Duo Fiberworks.
  3. Clothespin dolls! I made tons of these as a kid, using matchsticks or toothpicks with the ends broken off for arms. I’ll definitely have to make a few more!

And as far as storage goes, I think I’m going to try wrapping them onto clothespins like this.

Not only is it pretty, but also looks pretty practical! Besides, nobody likes tangled floss!

Did you get any craft supplies for Christmas or for yourself on sale after the holidays? What projects are you itching to try?


2 thoughts on “A rainbow of floss

  1. HEhe, I think my mom sent me the same package of floss! (Not this year but previously!) I use them mostly for embroidery but also decorating mail, wrapping packages, etc. It’s especially nice because floss is really expensive here!

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