Today I actually got to use French for my job, as I had to go to a company to give a placement test for some prospective French students. As a teacher at a school that has only English in the title, I never expected to be asked someday to teach in another language.

As nervous as I was, I am now also a little excited, which I realized I haven’t felt that way about French in a long time! My French is certainly good enough, and I do have a degree in it after all. So it’s pretty exciting to be able to use my degree, and a challenge to teach French in German to a group of beginners.

And while we’re on the subject of speaking and communication, here is a video I found on Swiss-Miss (great design blog, by the way!) entitled “Every Presentation Ever: Communication FAIL”.  Pure genius. Seriously!

Ever been to (or given?!?) a presentation like that? Brings back memories of college…


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