My love sent me this sweet video of a snoring dormouse:

It reminds me of my niece!

Poor thing was in the hospital this week after an episode of stopping breathing. She has reflux and that is apparently one of the (scary!) side effects. They kept her for a few days (and nights) and monitored her and did a bunch of tests, but it seems to just be the reflux. Hopefully that won’t happen again! It sure is a scary thing for the parents and the rest of the family. Poor babe! Glad she is doing better and that she is happy and home again.



One thought on “Snoring

  1. Awww, it broke my heart to see her all hooked up when I went to go get Jon. And the doctor for the day shift thought I was Jaimie at first, cause the curtain was up and Jaimie wasn’t really in view. They also made a comment to Jon(when he got back from getting Jaimie food) saying, “Well I guess you’re the dad, huh? With all that red hair.” Haha. SOOOOOO glad they got to come home though!!

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