1981 Wedding

My parents got married in March 1981.

They had big hair and big glasses, as was the style back then. My dad wore an all-white tuxedo (with tails!), and my mom a lace dress with a hoop skirt underneath. They sat on big wicker peacock chairs at their reception like this:


I remember sitting on one of them as a kid…I think we had one in our house for a short while.

Fast forward to 2011

When we were home for Christmas this year, right after our engagement, Mom decided to pull out her wedding dress from the attic for me to try on. The gown had been preserved and had not been pulled out of the box for 30 years. So when we opened the first layer of the box and the dress looked blue, we were quite surprised!


But it was just the plastic cover that was blue though, not the dress.  Whew!


I never really imagined one day trying on my mother’s wedding dress, but it was so much fun! I am most definitely not wearing it at my wedding, but it was fun and we really had a lot of laughs. It is a pretty dress, and definitely a lot less crazy without the hoop, but it was really quite itchy with all that lace! Mom and I are both sure it has the potential to come back in style, but perhaps not until the next generation is ready to get married.

Despite its itchiness, I thought the lace detail on the top was really quite pretty! Perhaps if the dress were altered to get rid of the sleeves, it could be kind of pretty in an almost vintage sort of way!


And she even pulled out the bouquet she had for me to hold. It was made with silk flowers, and it has been sitting in their breakfront all these years!  It has yellowed a bit…. But look at that! It was such a nice mother-daughter moment.



2 thoughts on “1981 Wedding

  1. Wedding date was 3/5/1982. At least I didn’t have a dress with shoulders and sleeves the size of Texas as was quite popular in the ’80s! This was fun, seeing you in that old dress! I’m glad you’re not wearing it for your wedding, though!

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