I found this easy recipe for cinnamon buns using pre-made crescent roll dough at Iowa Girl Eats. A few weekends ago, I actually tried it – and boy were they easy to make!


Instead of making only a few big cinnamon buns, I made mini ones instead. And as you can see, I just used our regular oven pan rather than a muffin pan. Tobi liked them just fine without any glaze, but next time I have to make some icing for the top, because to me they’re not quite the perfect cinnamon bun without that sugary goodness on top!

(As a rule, Tobias tends to like things far less sweet than I do. I blame it on our different upbringings. But it’s okay, I don’t hold it against him. ;) He’s sweet enough himself so I guess he doesn’t need any extra sweetness on his food!)

All you need is a tube of pre-made crescent roll dough. Instead of separating the pieces, you just roll out the whole thing flat – you may need to pinch the seams together to keep it in one piece. And then I just spread butter over the whole thing and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on it, rolled it up, and cut it into smaller pieces. They didn’t need long in the oven and I didn’t really time it – I just watched them bake until they looked nice and ready.

And they sure were tasty! And I love how simple they were to make. The last time I made cinnamon buns from scratch, the dough was so sticky that more of it stuck to my hands than anything else. I remember it was quite the disaster. But it’s okay because now I’ve got this far less messy way to make delicious cinnamon buns!

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