On my next IKEA wishlist

It’s getting to be springtime and I am eagerly awaiting the day when I won’t need my big, bulky winter coat anymore. Every winter, it always gets to the point where enough is enough. True spring weather probably won’t come to Hamburg for at least another month and a half, if not longer. I’m not getting my hopes up.

But with all of the stores advertising for Easter and introducing more brightly colored clothes and shoes, I am definitely in the mood for spring.

A few days ago, we got a little magazine from IKEA introducing their new line of products. So I think  it will soon be time to go back there again and pick up a few new things!

On my wishlist are:


SOLVINDEN solar lights – 14.99 € – this pop of color would be so perfect for our balcony on a spring/summer night!


GRENÖ pillows – 12.99 € – I don’t usually go for yellow, but I love the stripes!


TINDRA scented candle – 1.99 € – I usually get the cinnamon ones, but springtime calls for a new scent – green apple!


ANGENÄM bowl – 19.99 € –  it’s not necessarily springy, but I’m very into gold right now!


ANTONIUS drying rack – 9.99 € – I like that this one hangs on the balcony and would provide just a little bit of extra space so we could sit outside and let the clothes dry at the same time!


BÄRBAR tray – 6,99 € – Colorful birdies – it can’t get more springy than that!


IKEA 365+ Étagère – 14,99 € – This is probably difficult to store when not in use, but this would be perfect for the wedding-related lunches we plan on hosting at my house!

All images from the IKEA website. Click on the photo to go to their original (German) page!  This post is not sponsored or anything – I just really like IKEA!


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