Cool advertising

There is quite a lot of bad advertising out there. Cheesy actors saying very scripted lines, ugly models, bad design concepts…

That said, there are also a lot of good advertisements out there, too. Ones that make you stop and look a bit longer, or those which are cleverly done. Like that time when IKEA put in couches in the Paris métro. Similar to that concept, there is this little scene around the corner from my apartment by a real estate agency, with the headline, “Apartment too small?”


Unfortunately, it looks like someone has demolished the lamp shade, but it’s really quite a clever advertisement.

Have you seen or heard any good ads lately? (Or any awful ones that are just so bad they make you groan?)

The last bad ad I saw was actually a second wave of advertising from a dance school here. The first ads were just big black letters on neon green paper with the information for the school and the slogan, “We’re still working on the color.” And on Sunday I saw the second version, which is now a neon orange color and the phrase, “Sorry about the color.” Not only is it hard to look at, but that is also so cheesy…even for me!


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