A suit and flowers

On Tuesday I went to the Europa Passage, which is a pretty good-sized mall in downtown Hamburg.   I went there to go to the Idee shop to pick up some various craft supplies, and while I was there, I saw two things that intrigued me in shops right next to each other.

The first is a shop for men called Wormland. What an awful name for English-speaking people! Makes me think of earthworms crawling up out of the ground in big, squirmy masses. A land filled with worms. Hah! But it’s actually a pretty upscale place with lots of big name men’s fashion. And this awesome hot pink suit was in the display window:


Somehow I could totally picture Tobias wearing that kind of suit. Perhaps it’s a bit too flashy, but in the right circumstances…?  And that blue/gray combination in the front is also pretty sexy, I might add. Just way less fun than the pink one!

The second shop, Hallhuber, also had a nice window display with big, white flowers that made me think that would be some pretty awesome wedding DIY décor. You’d just need a whole lot of paper! I don’t think I’ll be doing this for my own wedding, but it sure is pretty with the white flowers and just the texture and layering of the flowers. It would be an interesting backdrop for either a ceremony or a reception!



4 thoughts on “A suit and flowers

    • Oh you’re totally right! Just like that! It’s pretty gorgeous!

      Thanks for commenting, Lauren! It’s nice to know that you read. I miss you a lot! We should really try to Skype sometime soon, okay?

      So…you’re looking at wedding blogs too? Do I hear wedding bells in the air…? ;)

  1. Yes! Gmail video chat work? I don’t have Skype.

    Well…there’s nothing to say, really, except that it’s a future definite and in the meantime I dream occasionally. ;) I also have an Excel spreadsheet of ideas in lieu of a pinterest. The only thing though is that its more like preplanning, figuring out what I think is cool – you know? Whenever the real thing happens, I’m sure we’ll figure out what WE like and my ideas will change. In the meantime I occasionally look at a couple sites I like (greenweddingshoes and etsy) for the things that strike me and I write them down.

    I loved your save the date music by the way. Did you see this?!?! http://greenweddingshoes.com/a-foggy-hilltop-california-wedding-joan-jay/

    • Gmail chat should work, I think. I’ll message you – it looks like you’re on now!

      Hehe I did a lot of looking at wedding sites before Tobias even proposed, so it’s totally normal to dream. Funny though, because some of my ideas and tastes really have changed since the beginning as far as décor and type of dress, so you never really know what could happen! So you two are doing well, then, I suppose. I’m glad you’re happy together!

      That foggy wedding! Wow! Pretty gorgeous even with the fog…and more special because of it!

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