Dresses & heels

Still no luck on the wedding dress front.

And now it seems as if we may have to (okay will probably have to) find a new reception location.

I don’t feel like writing about the details now, because it’s really too frustrating, but let’s just say that it seems as if the lady doesn’t feel like it anymore  and asked us last week if we had thought of any alternatives for our reception.

The thought of starting over again is really quite disheartening, to say the least. It’s still not a direct cancellation, but it might as well be, because this lady, in a way very untypical of Germans, has actually never been direct with us during this entire process. But until we hear more, I’ll leave it at that. We may have to change, and at the moment that fact seems about 97% sure.

And even if we have to change our party location, perhaps there is a good reason for it that we aren’t aware of yet, in the grand scheme of things. Maybe it’ll be a rainy day and we’ll be happier to have an indoor location? Maybe we will end up finding something way better than this place? Maybe we’ll get a nicer vendor who makes us more excited about our special day and who we can trust, rather than someone who seems to be indirect and indecisive?

On the upside, I learned how to walk in heels this weekend thanks to this funny video:

And this morning I had a lovely brunch at Café May this morning with Diane, Franzi and her boyfriend Eddy, and one of his friends. They have a breakfast buffet with pretty much everything you could imagine, and we stuffed ourselves full with the delicious food! Afterward I went with Franzi to Sternschanze to look in some of the cute little shops there, which I have never really done before. This evening Diane and I are going back over to Franzi & Eddy’s for some homemade caipirinhas. Yum!

And to top it all off, Tobias comes home late tonight and I get to see my love again! And tomorrow we’re heading up to Sülldorf to see our good friend Matthias preach. (He’s the one who will be marrying us.) And I’m hoping to finally get a chance to hold baby Émile!

It’s shaping up to be a wonderful weekend. Hope you enjoy yours, too!


9 thoughts on “Dresses & heels

  1. Aw, I’ve been there with cancellations and it’s so heartbreaking, but you’re right to have such a positive attitude, it’ll probably work out much better in the end. Good luck with finding somewhere else!

  2. So sorry to hear about the reception place. I think your attitude is great though! You will find the perfect place with the perfect vendor who will make you feel more excited and confident about the reception.

    I love the video. Thanks for sharing it. And, as always, I love your blog!

  3. I really hope you find a place or that this crazy situation gets resolved. Be optimistic, either way that day what will matter is that you’re celebrating your relationship 🙂

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