Easter Road Trip – Part 1

Our Easter road trip was great. We had a really nice time, despite the extremely cold temperatures. It was another successful adventure!

It started out with our rental car, which we picked up at the airport. We got a Ford Escort which was SO new that it only had 169 km on the trip counter. It was spotless, inside and out, and it even had that new car scent.

Brand new car!

Tobi driving


We brought lots of snacks for the road trip. The beef jerky was a present from my parents for Christmas – pretty addictive! The toffee peanuts were also pretty delicious.

It wasn’t very sunny that first day, but sunglasses were definitely in order. The sky was gray, but it was bright gray.

We drove out to Plön, a small town near a bunch of lakes not too far away from Hamburg (maybe an hour? hour and a half?). They have a big palace there which wasn’t open because of the holiday, but we saw it from the outside as we wandered around the city in the wind and rain for a bit. Then we ducked into a restaurant and shared a salad and an artichoke and ham pizza. We had a beer at the bar while we waited for our seat – it was a busy little restaurant!

Schloss Plön – you can see how rainy and gray it was that day!

Bundled up!

Tobias had the Duckstein; I had the Köstritzer Schwarzbier – my first time – delicious! (Dark beer is my fave!)

We spent the first night in the most perfect spot ever – just off the road, down a hill and by this beautiful lake. It was peaceful and quiet, except for the geese that seemed to enjoy honking in the middle of the night. It felt like we were alone in the world, and we had a picnic together huddled under a sleeping bag as we watched the sun set. It looked like a black and white photo.

Our tent was right next to this view.

It rained the entire night, and it was hailing when we woke up on Saturday morning. Then it stopped, or so we thought, and we stepped out of our tent and saw that the hail had changed to snow. Brrrrr! This video shows more of the location where we slept:


And here’s Tobi doing his ritual “shake out the tent before packing it away” move – funny that the leaves under our tent stayed dry! (That means we did, too!)

We went and got breakfast from a nearby bakery and brought it back to our spot to have breakfast by the lake. It didn’t snow for very long, luckily, and the sun even peeked out a bit, making our place seem even more beautiful:



And that’s it for now! Come back tomorrow for part 2!


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