Easter Road Trip – Part 2

The second day of our trip, we drove to an island called Fehmarn. It’s a pretty small island, and it doesn’t take a long time to drive from one side of the island to the next.

We scoped out a nice church in Petersdorf to go to the Easter Sunday service, and then we drove out to a town west from there called Westermarkelsdorf, where they had this awesome beach with lots of big rocks & boulders to climb around on. And the parking lot near the beach was the perfect place to leave our car overnight (no signs forbidding it!) so we ended up staying there both Saturday and Sunday nights.

During the afternoon, we went on a few side trips to find a place to eat. We were blessed with gorgeous sunny weather, but it was still arschkalt so I looked like this pretty much the entire time:

Comfort before fashion, my friends.


This sign at the restaurant we went to brought out my immature side and made me giggle like a sixth-grade girl!
By the way: Butt = flounder, as in the fish.

The restaurant was by the beach, so we went for a little walk. This elephant statue was pretty cool!


Then we drove out to another town called Orth, where they’ve got a nice harbor that is also apparently a European border checkpoint. We enjoyed the beautiful views of the boats and the clear blue water!

On the way to Orth – looks like a smile!




I love the way the Germans spell “AHOI!”



On Saturday evening, we went to Westermarkelsdorf’s big Osterfeuer – a typical German tradition of having a huge bonfire on the night before Easter. I’ve heard there are bigger fires than this, but this was seriously the biggest fire I’ve ever seen in my life!



They made a big deal out of it, too. Hosted by the local Feuerwehr (firemen) who kept the flames under control, it was quite the event. They sold Glühwein, beer, and even schnapps, currywurst and waffles. There was live music with typical German hits (read: probably the cheesy Bavarian stuff you hear at Busch Gardens) and there was even a surprise visit by the Easter bunny. There were two of them, actually, and they handed out candy to all of the kids.

We got some mini Jägermeister shots to keep us warm. Everything is cuter when it’s mini!

I made Tobi pose with it. He gave me a sweet smile!

We stood next to the fire as long as we could stand the heat – a few hours – and then we went to bed. It was extremely windy and cold that night, so we put down the seats in our car and slept in the back. (Good thing we hadn’t rented a Smart car!)

You can almost feel the warmth, right?

This post is getting long — I just wanted to share these fun pictures! — so I’m going to sign off for now and update you all on the rest of the trip tomorrow!


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