The case of the missing dustpan

Our apartment has been kind of in disarray ever since the construction workers were here to fix our mold problem. We had to move all our belongings from room to room as they worked our way around the apartment, making a big, dusty mess of things as they repaired walls in the kitchen, the storage closet, our bedroom and the living room. We had to completely clear out the storage closet and because we don’t use most of those things on a regular basis, I moved them up to the attic temporarily to get things out of the way. Though our closet had a lot in it, I pretty much knew the general location of most of the cleaning products, tools and other odds and ends in that thing, but now that it’s empty, it’s sometimes been hard to find things. Everything is just out of place.

They finished things up here and we could finally clean up all the DUST that was on every possible surface. The workers had used our dustpan and brush when they were dealing with plaster, and so it was kind of dirty, and I had washed it and put it outside on the balcony to dry. Normally, though, it’s one of the things I would put in our storage closet.

This weekend, Tobias accidentally broke a lamp of ours (Rats! I guess we’ll just have to go to IKEA soon…hah!) and it shattered all over the ground. The brush was still out on the balcony, but I had no idea where we had put the dustpan. I looked multiple times in EVERY room, but to no avail. Where the heck was it?

It took me a while to figure it out, but it must have been on the balcony with the brush. Why would we separate them? It’s not like you can really use the dustpan without the brush…. But then I remembered the wind we’ve had this week and thought, “Hey, maybe it blew down to the garden downstairs!” And sure enough, looking over the balcony, I saw it – our little red dustpan!


Case closed!

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find something, but you just know it must be around here somewhere!!?! Makes me feel crazy! I’m so glad to have found it! Now I can finally clean up shattered lamp pieces to make room for a new one!


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