Happy weekend!

Tobi’s back home from his 5-day trip to Zürich, just in time to spend the weekend with me. He brought back some pretty  things from our favorite thrift store in Zürich, the Zürcher Brockenhaus, including these vintage glasses, a unique carafe, and a set of gold-rimmed schnapps glasses!


Here’s one that shows the detail of the glasses a little better. Gorgeous, right!?




It’s nice to have him back home again, and so sweet that he brings gifts back when he travels! He also brought like 10 Emmi yogurts (our favorite from our Swiss snowboarding adventures!) and some delicious Swiss chocolate. YUM.

On the menu for this weekend:

– Taking down wallpaper in the living room and kitchen (FUN!)
– Birthday party for a friend
– Sunday Tatort as usual

And possibly a little shoe shopping…? I saw some glitter pumps (1, 2) at Goertz and I might just have to see if I am able to walk in them, because they’d be pretty awesome wedding shoes. I don’t have high hopes though, because I’m very picky about comfort when it comes to shoes. But the glitter is just too fun! I have to at least try it!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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