Shoes. OMG! Shoes.

Aside from the fact that I’ve probably gotten that lovely “song” from that YouTube video in your head (and mine), I really am here today to talk about shoes.


Let’s just say I am counting down the days until I can wear my precious Birkenstock sandals again. I can’t wait until it is warm enough and stops raining enough for me to wear my Gizeh sandals in onyx!

I don’t wear high heels all that often, nor do I dress up, really. But for my wedding I just might need something that looks good, too! So I’m in the market for a good pair of heels at the moment. It’s currently Sunday, so that means it’s impossible to do any real shopping here in Germany, as all the stores are closed on Sundays. (One thing I REALLY miss about the USA…) So I am online shopping instead…here are a few of my favorites!


1. Buffalo Patent Peeptoe in coral


2. Görtz 17 Gold Glitter Pumps


3. Görtz 17 T-Strap Sandalette

(But I would definitely get rid of that pink charm!)


4. seven seconds Sandalette @ Zalando

But online shopping is fun, too – it allows me to shop in the States!


My favorite from Payless, Fioni Color Block Sandal

What kind of shoes did you wear at your wedding? My sister-in-law had flats to wear, but in the end didn’t wear any the whole day! Nobody knew because she had a long dress!


One thought on “Shoes. OMG! Shoes.

  1. I love those peeptoe shoes.
    I wore strappy white pumps for my wedding – not really my thing normally but somehow (and I honestly don’t remember how) I found some that I really did like for my wedding. They were pretty comfortable, too! They got trashed when we wandered out into a ditch for some photos, though. I don’t think I ever wore them again.

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