Invitations are out!

That’s something big that is finally off the list!


And another thing that actually resolved a while ago but I (stupidly) haven’t mentioned yet here: we were able to work out a deal with the lady at our original reception place. To make a long story short, there were some misconceptions on her part about what we actually wanted or expected, and Tobias was able to come to an agreement with her. So things are working out at Altonas Balkon after all, and we’re excited about it. It will be great because it’s a perfect location, and the food should be pretty great, too. We’re huge fans of her chocolate cake…oh man. To die for. So good news on all accounts.


Still to do: talk with our friend Matthias about the ceremony (he’s marrying us), find a photographer and a DJ, and Tobi needs to find his suit. Of course there are other things too, but smaller ones. And two days ago, we hit the 100-day mark, which means we are now into the double digits for preparations! Time is sure going by so quickly…can you believe it’s just about May already? And at the moment it feels like we still have plenty of time left, but I think there is so much to do in real life as well that I think August will be here before we know it! But just look at how thick the pile of invitations was!


Anyway, I try to remind myself how exciting of a time this is. It can be quite exhausting sometimes, this wedding planning stuff! Sometimes it feels like a full-time job on top of my already full-time job. I’m sure other brides out there know exactly what I mean! But it’s really a special time and Tobias and I are enjoying the idea that we’ll be beginning our life together as one family and sharing a name. (That’s something else for another post, because the name thing is an interesting topic!)

Even before I got engaged, I looked at quite a bit of wedding blogs. I still do, to some extent, as well as look at the wedding and events section on Pinterest. But now it’s getting to the point where I think I pretty much have a vision for our wedding’s details and décor, and I find myself getting bored looking at those blogs now. It’s funny how my idea of my wedding has changed from the very first time I began dreaming about what it would be like!


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