Friday in Sülldorf


I have good friends who live out in the suburbs (although really not too far away), and this past Friday after work, I went over there to relax at their house and hang out with Ariane. Her sister Diane came with me and we had a great time making chocolate cupcakes and fruit salad for an afternoon snack.


We gathered a few flowers from around the neighborhood and Diane created this gorgeous bouquet. (She used to work at a florist’s shop!)


I made a smaller one, which wasn’t really a bouquet, but it could have been if I’d had some floral wire to give a stem to that pinecone.


Baby Émile slept for a long time, so Diane, Ariane and I started making a mobile for him out of a sturdy cardboard box and a lot of imagination. We didn’t finish it that day, so I can’t wait to see the finished product later!

It was great to hang out with some friends, and it was also pretty good for my French to get a chance to use it with some native speakers. Plus, Ariane and Diane are some of the most talented and kind women I know, so it really was a wonderful time with them.


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