Going to the city


The Alte Post building survived the big fire of 1842 and somehow made it through WWII. But a big flood damaged the building so they renovated it, changing it into a shopping mall. It is now the location of Hamburg’s first Abercrombie & Fitch. (Have I ever mentioned how much the Germans LOVE that store?)

If you look the other direction, you can see a pretty awesome view of the Town Hall. I love seeing that building, with its beautiful green roof and shiny gold clock. Not quite as romantic as when I lived in Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower every day, but it’s not sore on the eyes either!


Tobi and I are going downtown in just a bit for an appointment at a jewelry shop – wedding ring shopping again! We think we finally have a more specific idea of what we want, and we just have to iron out the details of ring shape (there are so many profiles!) and width. So hopefully by later this afternoon, we’ll have ordered our wedding bands. Fingers crossed!

Then we can pick up Tobi’s tux and run some other errands. I want to go to Muji and perhaps to Vintage & Rags, a somewhat pricey but pretty sweet secondhand shop. It’s Saturday, so I’m sure it’ll be busy, but I just love trips downtown!

Happy Saturday!



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