I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and, thanks to a little inspiration from her, coupled with the possibility of playing soccer with Tobi’s team on Monday, I decided to go for a run this afternoon after work. It’s the hottest day yet here in Hamburg – we’ve finally hit 81°F and the sun is shining!

BOY am I out of shape! I haven’t run for any reason other than to catch a train or bus in years. Actually, now that I think about it, it has to have been my last year of high school. 8 years ago. Uh, yeah.

The problem is, I hate running. It’s not something I enjoy, and I only put up with it all those years ago because I at least had a ball to run after and a game to pay attention to, and it was the only way to increase my endurance.

That said, I didn’t make it very long out there.

Per Gretchen’s recommendation, I had told myself I would run for 20 minutes. That’s less than a half hour, so it doesn’t really seem that long. So I put on my gear and slathered on a layer of sunscreen, plugged in my iPod and headed out the door. I’ve heard listening to music can help people who don’t especially like running, so I figured it was worth a shot. Then I hit the street and started running. Well, to be honest, I should say jogging, because there is no way my pace could be considered running.

I jogged for what felt like it must have been at least 10 minutes, already feeling the burn. I looked down at my watch. IT HAD BEEN 4 MINUTES. Not even 1/4 of my total. But I promised myself ice cream at the end of my 20 minutes, so I kept on going. I ran aimlessly around my neighborhood, painfully aware of the stitch in my side. I did walk a bit for maybe 5 minutes total, so 15 minutes of actual running interspersed with walking isn’t too bad after 8 years.

My final destination was Eis Liebe, my favorite ice cream parlor. I treated myself to an ice cream cone – one scoop strawberry, one scoop lemon, and 100% refreshing after my inaugural jog. I sat in the sun in the park nearby and continued listening to my iPod as I enjoyed my treat and the endorphin rush I got from both the exercise and the ice cream.

Good thing I’m not running to burn calories, right?


4 thoughts on “Running

  1. Gosh that’s weird. I almost bought that book the other day! And the journal that compliments it – for starting your own Happiness Project type thing.

    • I don’t remember where I read about it, but some blogger mentioned it and I clicked on it thanks to the intriguing title. After having read the description on amazon, I ordered it right away! It’s been an interesting read and I like the effect that it’s had on me – my mind feels more open and I feel like I’m thinking about things I wouldn’t normally notice and that I’m starting to see certain things in a new light.

      Anyway, I’m about halfway through and have loved it so far. I’d recommend it!

  2. I will certainly get it then!!! I kept it in my “save for later” items list on amazon so back in the cart it goes! I love books that are inspiring. Positive thinking. That sort!

  3. this sounds like a good summer read! I think I’ll pick it up next. As for the running – I’m right there with you.. Why does it always seem so much faster than it actually is?? Keep up the good work!

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