Girls’ Night In

Today we have a painter here who was scheduled to arrive 5 minutes before I had to leave to go to work, so I figured it might be good to have a contingency plan in case he he didn’t come on time. Tobias is on a short business trip to Paris, so he wasn’t around to do it. So yesterday, I rang the doorbell across the hall to see if our neighbor friends Johannes & Yvi might be around to let the painter in.

The painter came on time this morning, so no plan B was needed. But it turned out that Johannes wasn’t in town either, and Yvi made a comment about both of us being alone for the evening. So I suggested, “Why don’t we have dinner together?” And we decided that it was a fantastic idea and planned to meet around 7.

She put together a lovely salad, and I brought over some avocados and a mango, and together we had a healthy, delicious meal and sat out on her balcony since it was so gorgeous out. We laughed a lot, and she ignored my bad grammar and slow speech and we had a fun time talking and eating together. We sat out there until about 10, when it was getting dark and chilly, and then I headed back across the hall to my apartment.


Before that, I was just looking forward to watching some TV and probably eating something lazy like the box of Kraft macaroni & cheese (!!) that one of my coworkers gave me. But having some company, and getting to know Yvi better was infinitely more satisfying! She’s super-nice and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

It came up that I’d never seen Dirty Dancing before, and we decided that we’d have to have another girls’ night and watch it together sometime. “Even if the boys are there,” she said, “we’ll just kick them out and watch our chick flick together.”

We’re so lucky to have such cool neighbors, and I’m glad I took the opportunity to be spontaneous and suggest dinner. Thanks for the wonderful evening, Yvi!


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