Soccer Tournament

For the past half year, Tobias has been playing soccer with a team. It’s not in any specific league – just for fun – but they have a team name and everything. They call themselves ARSCH, which is hilarious because it’s the German word for “ass” and just so happens to conveniently spell out Altonaer Rasen Sport Club Hamburg. (Altona = the neighborhood we live in, Rasen = grass, and the other three words are the same in English…) ARSCH. Hah! Check out that logo…


This past Sunday, they took place in a tournament with 8 other leisure club teams and I tagged along to be the unofficial team photographer and cheerleader. Just kidding. But I did take pictures and I did cheer them on. It was a really warm, sunny day – perfect for spending the day outside!


The Team


My star player


The field


Tanja, a friend of ours, and her daughter Annika


Tobias and the team in action


They didn’t do too badly either – they got 4th place out of 9 teams. They almost made it to 3rd place, but then (just like the FC Bayern vs. Chelsea game the evening before!) the other team scored a goal very close to the end, and because it was the semifinal, they did 11-meter shots. And the other team just had more experience with that kind of thing.


But 4th place is pretty great and they did a fantastic job! Way to go, ARSCH e.V.!



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