Wedel and long weekends

Whew. A nice start back to work after a long weekend. It was Memorial Day in the US, but thanks to the German celebration of Pentecost (Pfingsten, they call it), we also had a day off here. The weather even played along, so we took full advantage of it!


Tobias and I went to Wedel twice – took our bikes on the S-Bahn and headed out to the end of the line. That’s where the Welcome Point is for ships coming to the Hamburg port, and it’s a gorgeous area near the water and it even has a very nice beach area — much nicer than at Övelgönne — where you really get the feeling that you’re on vacation at the beach. God, I love living near the water!


And, to top it all off, Tobias and I found the perfect spot there where we could hang our hammock. Shaded under the trees, but still with a beautiful view of the harbor. We read, dozed and enjoyed watching the ships sail past and listening to the national anthems that were played at the Welcome Point whenever a new ship came in. We loved it so much on Saturday that we went back again on Sunday.

Life is good. Summer is here in Hamburg, even though it’s a bit chillier than what I would call summer, everybody’s breaking out the barbecues and sitting on the beach.

And good news! The painter finally finished up on Friday, which meant that we could finally spend some time getting the apartment back in order and our lives back to normal. It’s still not quite there yet, but we are already feeling a lot more zen about our clean[er] living space. Less clutter = more peace of mind. There was a thin layer of dust on everything, so it was a lot of intensive cleaning, but we saved it for Monday and then rewarded ourselves with an ice cream cone and spent the evening with friends down at the harbor and had a lovely evening of barbecue and frisbee as we caught the last few hours of sunlight.



One thought on “Wedel and long weekends

  1. So do they play each ship’s national anthem, or the German national anthem? Sounds so relaxing and lovely. I am glad you had a chance to hang out there!

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