Plugging away

Yesterday, Tobias and I spent some time in the evening running some wedding errands, making decisions, and figuring out a bit more of our ceremony. We stayed up a bit late last night doing that, but things are slowly falling into place. Still LOTS. TO. DO. though.

But I’m sure we’ll get it done in the end!


It’s getting exciting, too. My family will have arrived exactly one month from yesterday! That means just four weeks from today, I’ll be showing my jet-lagged family around Hamburg and probably working on all sorts of last-minute things that week before the wedding. Just 38 days until our wedding (and 36 days until the courthouse wedding). Aahh!

Side note, does anyone know any good (English) hymns I could use for the wedding? I only need one English one but have no idea where to start, as singing traditional hymns wasn’t really part of my experience growing up. Hmm…


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