Sleepy mornings

20120628-122305I’m running on empty here this week. All the soccer games make it hard to go to bed at a decent time, and I just end up falling asleep during the game anyway, curled up on Tobi’s lap. I hope I can stay awake tonight though, since Germany is playing in the semifinals against Italy and it’s likely to be a very exciting game…

But even though I’m so tired, and even though I wish I could sleep in just a little bit longer these days, I am happy for the quiet moments I get all to myself early in the mornings. Like noticing the beauty of the soft light coming through the window onto my little succulent plants this morning.

And perhaps because I’m totally in love with instagram (and perhaps a little bit addicted to it…) I’m always looking for things that I think are pretty and that show a bit of my daily life, I furtively snapped a photo of this girl’s bag in the metro this morning. I feel like between these two pictures, it perfectly describes the feeling of this sleepy morning.



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