Tobi cooks: homemade ravioli!


During one of our flea market rounds, we got this amazing ravioli press. Tobias used his flea market savvy to make them believe he really didn’t need it, but would be willing to buy it anyway, therefore driving down the price. They made him promise to actually try it out, which he did – and we took it home for 2 euros. If they had only known that he would use it two meals in a row…!


I really messed it up, though, by putting it in the dishwasher. What was once a shiny, brand-new-looking ravioli press became a dingy, black mess. Apparently it is made out of aluminum, which can NOT handle the dishwasher. It makes the aluminum oxidize, and once it’s oxidized, there is no going back. (Handling tips for aluminum here!) Oops. It’s rather unfortunate, since it was really shiny and pretty before! I felt really bad. But we got it relatively cleaned up enough to use it to make some ravioli. (Supposedly you can clean aluminum using vinegar and boiling water and letting it sit in it for 20-30 minutes. We’ll have to try that and see if we can get back some of its original shine!)


It took a few tries to get used to it, and Tobias of course figured out how to do this on his own, but for those of you not familiar with how to use one of these devices, there are great directions over here on Mangia Bene Pasta.


For the filling, Tobias had a mix of chopped sage leaves, potatoes, and truffle oil. But the beauty of ravioli is that you can put pretty much ANYTHING inside, so feel free to get creative! Tobias did the next day when he tried three different types of ravioli, including one that had goat cheese in it (pictured above). Mmmmm!


It’s a time-consuming process, but the result is really worth it. This is a thousand times better than anything you’d buy at the grocery store. Just add a bit of sauce to your taste (we had a lemon-butter sauce!) and enjoy!


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