Church wedding: getting ready

The big day had finally come. We woke up on Saturday morning around 7, I believe, which gave us enough time to get up and have a bit of breakfast before heading down to the reception location to get things set up. A few of our helpers came over to load the decorations into two cars and drive down to the reception, and the rest of them (my family and friends) met us down there to set up.

Things went smoothly and because we had so many people helping set up, it was much easier for Tobias and I to leave at 10:30 to get back to the apartment to get dressed and everything. My mom came with us too, so she could be there with me for that special mother-daughter moment of putting on the wedding dress. When we got back to the apartment, my hair/makeup artist Jamaal was waiting there with my friend Camille, who had just arrived that morning from France. Then we went up and started getting ready!



Jamaal was great – my hair/makeup friend Rebecca had booked him for us last minute, just two days before the wedding, because our original hair/makeup had cancelled on us! He did such a wonderful job, he was really friendly, and I had never felt more beautiful in my life!

After my makeup was done, my mom brought me a snack for lunch – toast with cream cheese and apricot jelly on it, cut up into little pieces so I didn’t accidentally get jelly on my makeup. She knows me well.


In the meantime, Tobias was getting dressed in the bedroom. Camille helped him get his cufflinks on.

7871616958_146c66f5c0_b7871599726_2f2f8e120c_bAnd then all of the women who were there helped Tobi get ready. Ok not really, more as a joke. I think my mom had found a loose thread somewhere, Camille was still helping with the cufflinks, and I got called in by the photographer, who said she needed more women to help for the picture. Hah. Love the way it turned out!


As Jamaal was finishing up my makeup, my mom finished up my bouquet by cutting off the stems to the right size (I had kept them longer so as to keep them fresh in water overnight). And then she started helping me into my dress and lacing up the back!

7871594950_b28c73e811_b7871593822_3b9d8bdd0b_b7871568036_5cc6402d58_b7871603960_7f6ceab9ab_b7871604954_edfe55c72e_b7871596294_fd547682b6_b7871583960_ef9b6c717e_b7871586550_a86ac9dce9_bWhile I was getting into my dress, we had the French doors shut between the office and the living room so that Tobias couldn’t see me until I was totally ready. But Tobi peeked through a bit at some point because he needed help pinning on his boutonniere! So Mom helped him with that after she had laced up my dress.

7871575304_89aa478c9b_b7871573642_ca5d60a2f6_bAnd then the photographer decided my bangs were just a bit too long and covering my eyes, so we had a last-minute trim and we had to put a napkin over my face so as to keep the cut hair from sticking to my makeup! (No bride wants a beard on her wedding day!)


Then I put on the finishing touches – my necklace and my shoes – gave my mom a good hug, and posed for a few full-length pictures. And then I was finally ready to see my groom!


(All photos are by our lovely photographer, Annette Schrader.)


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