First Look

I was finally ready to see my groom. So we let him know when we were ready, and I stood in front of the double doors, waiting. I was starting to feel a bit nervous! And then the doors open, and I saw the look of delight and surprise on my groom’s face. In the height of emotions, I don’t remember exactly what he said when he first saw me – but it was something to the effect of “WOW!” and “You look beautiful!” I loved the look on his face, the look in his eyes. And he looked so handsome in his bright blue suit! And the way he kept looking at me…it made me feel like a million dollars!



I couldn’t believe it was finally our moment – we were finally standing there not just as a couple, but as a bride and groom!

We took some pictures together in the apartment and then headed downstairs to go out to the harbor to take some more couple shots before the wedding ceremony. Even though it’s becoming more and more common for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, some people still prefer the tradition of the first look being at the church. I say, to each his (her!) own! I am personally very glad we saw each other before the ceremony. There was something exciting and tantalizing about the fact that we were just one room apart from each other but couldn’t see each other, but then before we saw each other I felt a bit nervous, so it was a relief that I didn’t have to wait TOO long to see him! And we had the added benefit of being able to take couples’ pictures before the ceremony, thus cutting down on the time we had to be away from our guests. So in that aspect I am glad we broke tradition, and I don’t believe in bad luck anyway! Especially not when I know my groom is the perfect one for me, no matter whether we saw each other before the ceremony or not!


(All photos by our lovely photographer, Annette Schrader.)


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