Couple portraits before the ceremony


So Tobias and I headed down the stairs and across the street to where our friend Vroni had parked. We had called her the night before and asked if she would be able to drive us from the apartment to the Alonaer Balkon so we could get pictures taken, and she said she’d be glad to do it! She even made it extra special – cars stopped for us so we could cross the street and we saw that she had decorated her car with little bunches of flowers, in keeping with the German tradition to have the wedding car covered in flowers. Such a sweet touch from a sweet friend!


Of course we had to do a silly one too…we’re dorks fun like that.


I love that you can see the silhouettes of the Hamburg port behind us!

Ha, I love that Tobi’s like, “Come here, my bride!”


When we had finished taking pictures, we headed back to the car and Vroni drove us to the church. Tobias headed into the church, and my dad and I went over to another building to hide out so the guests wouldn’t see me until the ceremony began. We waited until we heard the sound of the church bells ringing, at which point we began making our way over to the church. I couldn’t believe the time had almost come for my dad to walk me down the aisle!

(All photos by our lovely photographer, Annette Schrader.)


2 thoughts on “Couple portraits before the ceremony

  1. You two are SO GORGEOUS! I am loving the daily reveal of pictures. Congratulations – I am so happy for you!!! Love, Lauren

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